Daimumah: Inside AlUla's Newest Tourist Attraction

Where art and history converge in perfect sustainable harmony, Daimumah promotes AlUla’s cultural and natural heritage.

By Ziyad El-Helbawy


Hidden within the desert canyons of AlUla lies a farmland oasis of sustainability, harmony and natural beauty - Daimuma. For centuries, if not longer, the fertile farms and palm groves nestled within this valley have nourished communities and helped shape the cultural heritage of the region.

Dotted between the lush vegetation stand old mud-brick structures that once housed farming families cultivating precious crops that thrived in this environment. Intricate irrigation channels carved into the earth diverted water to nourish the fields and connected the farms. These timeless agricultural traditions continued up until recently, producing organic harvests in sync with the rhythms of nature, and utilizing the nuances of nature’s ebbs and flows to intricately balance the weather with the needs of crops.

Now, as part of efforts to promote AlUla's natural and cultural wealth, officials have spent over a year developing Daimuma - which is named after the Arabic word for ‘sustainability’ - into a tourist attraction that is free to visit for all. Walking along its paths, one can't help but be transported into the past as ancient qanats still flow, feeding crops that local farmers continue to grow using sustainable techniques. Amidst the palms stand the old mud-brick dwellings that once housed farming communities.

Spread throughout are art installations created specially by three artists, celebrating AlUla's folklore and people. Nets strung between palm trees, durable and delicate, invite visitors to relax and observe the surrounding landscape from a new vantage point. The vast plains and gardens invite one to connect with nature, listening to the rustle of palms and birdsong carried on the soothing breeze of AlUla.

Daimuma expertly blends modern innovations like drip irrigation and strategic crop selection with centuries-old agricultural traditions, producing organic harvests in an eco-friendly oasis. It has become a serene sanctuary where history, culture and nature weave together, inviting visitors to slow down, connect and be replenished by this living museum of local heritage - and if the thought of nature and greenery alone aren’t enough to entice you, how does dining alfresco amidst this AlUla sanctuary sound?

Offering diverse and delicious dining options, the Daimuma restaurant and cafe offer a quaint and calm culinary experience with scenic views of the surrounding oasis - and in a sweet escape from the heat, an ice-cream parlor provides the perfect treats for your afternoon stride across the farmland.


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