Eight Enchanting Egyptian Escapes to Experience This Eid Season

With Egypt's Martian deserts, sandy beaches, and towering mountains, you can easily plan two or three vacations during Eid break.

By Layan Adham Ismail


A country with a rich historical fabric, vibrant natural wonders, and an animated local populus, Egypt is a tourist destination that leaves even the most indecisive and finicky of travellers wanting for very little.

Those who lean more towards adrenaline and adventure can take their pick between snorkelling around some of the world’s most kaleidoscopic coral reefs, hiking across copper-coloured rugged mountain terrains, or sandboarding down dunes amidst an expansive desert.

As for their homey counterparts, they can enjoy lounging on a remote beach overlooking crystalline waters, indulging in some late-night desert stargazing, or simply going fishing.

Whether you fall into the first, more agile category or you identify more with the second, lazier troupe, we highly recommend you pack a suitcase (or two), grab a friend (or two) and jet off to Egypt for an exceptional and enchanting Eid vacation (or – since the country is certainly not lacking in adventures – two).

*Please be advised that the prices displayed were calculated in dollars for consistency. The dollar rates used are accurate as of April 2nd.

Hurghada Island Hopping | 3 days, 2 nights

Organisers: Puzzle 
🗓️: April 11th – 13th
💵: USD 271
📍: Abu Munqar Island, Abu Ramad Island, El Kot’aa, Abu Hashish Island, Shaab Abu Nugar  

A package designed especially for the indecisive among us (myself included), Puzzle’s Island Hopping adventure takes place in one of the most popular coastal cities in the region – Hurghada. Between snorkelling, dolphin watching and fishing, you’ll have to make an active effort to feel bored.

Marsa Alam | 4 days, 3 nights

Organisers: Dune Raider 
🗓️: April 11th - 14th
💵: USD 205
📍: Al Nayzak, Ras Hankourab Beach, Qulaan Protectorate, Wadi El Gemal, The Dolphin House

Dubbed the ‘Egyptian Maldives’, Marsa Alam possesses a cache of pristine azure beaches fit for thrilling boat safaris and vibrant snorkelling experiences. And, if your interests are more land-bound, there are even some daredevil hiking activities and Mad Max desert safaris to keep your adrenaline skyrocketing.

Siwa | 4 days, 3 nights

Organisers: Gazef
🗓️: April 11th - 14th
💵: USD 121
📍: Salt Lakes, Shali Castle, Mountain of the Dead, Alexander Temple, Ain Cleopatra

What better way to celebrate Eid than in the oasis of all oases – Siwa? If the views don’t cure your aching soul then maybe a natural mudbath, a desert excursion or an authentic Bedouin meal will.

Wadi Gebal Hiking Adventure | 3 days, 2 nights

Organisers: Gazef
🗓️: April 11th - 13th
💵: USD 125
📍: ElShaq Valley, Secret Garden, Masabi Mountain, Bab Eldonya Mountain, Farsh Elromana Garden, Eltebeq Trail, El Galt El Azraq

Taking place in the most famous Egyptian mountain – St. Catherine – Gazef’s Wadi Gebal Hiking Adventure offers views aplenty. But be warned – it’s not for the faint of heart. With hiking activities filling up the days, and simple accommodations right in the heart of the area’s pristine nature, this package will test your limits and soothe your soul.

Serabit El-Khadim in Sinai | 3 days, 3 nights

Organisers: Wild Guanabana 
🗓️: April 10th - 13th
💵: USD 159
📍: Wadi Balaa, Jebal Om El Rgleen, Wadi Zahlouk, Wadi El Faraawadi of Om Geraf Jebal Makhroom and Rod El Khwaga, Serabit Al Khadem

A hiking trip first, aesthetic excursion second, Wild Guanabana’s Sinai Eid package involves three days of wandering through the picturesque desert, engaging with historical landmarks and glamping under the stars.

Nuweiba & Blue Lagoon | 4 days, 3 nights

Organisers: The Roamers 
🗓️: April 11th - 14th
💵: USD 145+
📍: Castle Zaman, White Canyon, Wady Wishwashi, Gabila, Blue Lagoon, 

Celebrating Eid in the middle of the breathtaking beauty of Nuweiba's famous beaches is as idyllic as it sounds. Surrounded by waters so serene they act as an extension of the reflected sky above and towering mountains so high they seem to touch the edge of the world, you’ll never want the vacation to end.

Sharm El-Sheikh | 3 days, 2 nights

Organisers: Tegwal 
🗓️: April 11th - 14th
💵: USD 138
📍: Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve, White Island, Nabq Nature Reserve

Snorkelling, kayaking, diving – basically any aquatic activity you can imagine – is available in Sharm El-Sheikh. Once the place to be on the Red Sea, this tourist hotspot has been facing some popularity drops due to prominent local competition but has now finally made its long-overdue comeback.

White and Black Desert | 3 days, 2 nights

Organisers: Tegwal 
🗓️: April 11th - 13th
💵: USD 100+
📍: Baharya Oasis, English Mountain, Dest Mountain, Marsos Mountain, El Heez Spring, Crystal Mountain, Mushroom Hills, Djara Cave, Makhroum Mountain  

Another day, another desert. This time though, you get two for the price of one. With Tegwal’s White and Black Desert package, you’ll be able to explore palm tree farms, dive headfirst into a nourishing hot spring, float across salt lakes, gaze at a soothing bonfire and even snag some souvenirs at a local market.


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