Monday July 22nd, 2024
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1001 Nights of Saudi Arabian Summer Opulence at Mansard Riyadh

As the summer unfolds into what seems like 1001 nights, find your own (Saudi) Arabian fairytale at Mansard Riyadh.

Dounia El Barhdadi

1001 Nights of Saudi Arabian Summer Opulence at Mansard Riyadh

The summertime has a magical quality. The sun is shining, the sea is sparkling, and every experience feels elevated somehow. It’s the time to treat yourself by experiencing the type of luxury, culture and adventure that feel so far away during the dreary winter time. Yet, in high summer, when one day feels like it could be two, there’s not a thing in the world that feels truly out of reach. So, when the world feels like your oyster, why not let go of your inhibitions and embrace the opulence you so clearly deserve?

Mansard Riyadh, a sophisticated Radisson Collection Hotel located in the beating heart of Riyadh, is the place to let the hot days stretch into warm nights, and the warm nights back into hot days. It’s the place to experience true luxury and upscale dining, to indulge in personal rejuvenation and to allow yourself to be captivated and delighted by all it has to offer. Each aspect of the famed Radisson hospitality experience is designed to create lasting memories for a truly unforgettable summer.

If the prospect of the summer stretching ahead, and having no idea how to spend your days, is something that makes your palms sweat, worry not. We have compiled a list of our favourite ways to pass the time at Mansard Riyadh, for the luckiest of holidaymakers.

Indulge in a different brunch every day at Sadelle’s

Sadelle’s bagels and sticky buns are the stuff of legend but they’re not the only things on offer – there’s a variety of other splendid brunch options to keep you well fed. From traditional New York classics and authentic regional options to exclusive Mansard culinary creations, Mansard is putting on a spread that includes bagel towers and french toast.

Experience true Parisian amour at L’ami Dave

It has been said that the truest way to express self-love is to eat like a French person. As such, we’re recommending L’ami Dave for dinner, where you can indulge in Parisian classics like escargots de Bourgogne, carpaccio de boeuf with black truffle, dover sole, and – obviously – steak frites. A little city of love in the middle of bustling Riyadh. Bon appetit!

Take advantage of exclusive fitness perks with Enhance

Mansard is collaborating with Enhance Fitness, the largest personal training company in the Middle East, to offer an exclusive 10% discount for in-house guests. Providing tailored sessions in a state-of-the-art gym, Enhance is offering guests the opportunity to take advantage of the incredible fitness technology and make the benefits of a summer spent at Mansard endure long beyond the end of your stay.

Treat yourself to real comfort food at Carbone

After wearing yourself out at the gym, seek out Carbone, an authentic Italian-American restaurant tucked away in the halls of the hotel, and gorge yourself on some well-deserved pasta like nonna used to make. Once you’ve tried out the pasta, come back every night for a week and sample the fresh seafood and authentic tiramisu in the low-light ambiance of a mid-century New York-style restaurant.

Retreat into a spa powered by L'Occitane

Unwind with signature treatments at Mansard Spa by L’Occitane, featuring separate sections for men and women, as well as a provincial French-inspired ambiance that aligns with L’Occitane’s aesthetic. Spend an afternoon here for unmatched relaxation – the indoor pool, jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, and halotherapy salt cave are all at the tip of your fingers.

Delight in an exclusive Mansard RC X Fozaza Afternoon Tea

Sweet and savoury delights inspired by fashion icon Alanoud Badr are served daily between 5PM and 8PM, so when you’re craving a treat between meals, make your way to the lounge and take your pick. The menu features meticulously crafted Prawn and Avocado Crumble Tarts, Smoked Salmon with Lemon Verbena on Rye Bread, and Wagyu Roasted Beef with Truffle.

Curl up with in bed with a movie of your choice

Reach for the in-room movie menu, have a flick through, and tuck yourself into bed for the night. After all, you’ve had a long day sampling pasta and lobster. A selection of snacks is also on offer, so you can build yourself the perfect private cinema night from the comfort of your room.

Shop ‘til you drop with CH Caroline Herrera in-room experience

If you’ve exhausted the benefits of Mansard’s collaboration with Enhance, or if the gym is not your thing, they’ve got another collaboration for you to take advantage of. Caroline Herrera is offering a luxurious in-room shopping experience for guests, complete with personalised service and complimentary gifts like branded macarons (how cute!) and a personalised welcome letter. You can either connect with a CH representative online and have them send you items to review and purchase, or have a representative walk you through the collection in-store.

Let’s kick up the exclusivity a notch with Executive and Cigar Lounges

There are yet some hidden gems to be explored, once you’ve learned your way around Mansard Riyadh. If you’re feeling a need for a relaxed meal and a little more privacy, the Executive Lounge is available, as are a variety of international and Arab dishes. 
But for those who enjoy the sanctuary of a good cigar and low-level conversation, Mansard’s Cigar Lounge offers just that – a refuge from the sometimes overwhelming vibrancy of summer. Guests and lounge members can choose from a selection of coffee and mocktails, as well as a complementary snack menu.

Share your opulent summer experience at Mansard Riyadh with friends and family

Once you’ve grown to love Mansard Riyadh, there’s no better way to say goodbye at the end of the summer than to host your own Radisson evening and share the Mansard experience with loved ones. With space for up to twenty guests, and room for customisations to your tastes, the luxurious venue of the Versailles Gallery almost ensures a fairytale evening on its own. Mansard Riyadh uses some of the world’s finest dinnerware – like Baccarat, Jaune de Chrome, Christofle and Bernardaud – just to give your special evening an extra edge.

These are just a few of our favourite things on offer at Mansard Riyadh, but there’s a wealth of other activities and experiences waiting both within the hotel walls, and in the city of Riyadh itself. Embrace opulence. Make memories. Seize your summer.


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