Dubai’s Sleep N’Fly Lounge Just Upgraded Your In-Transit Nap Game

Dubai International Airport do naps a little bit differently with their ‘sleep n’fly’ Sleep Lounge.

By Mariam Zakzouk


Nothing hits quite like a power nap in between flights. Unfortunately for those of us who trawl the airports awaiting our connecting flights, power naps typically end up with us going L-shaped over an uncomfortable bench. At Dubai International Airport they do things a little bit differently: their ‘sleep n’fly’ Sleep Lounge was crafted from the ground-up to give you the most comfortable snooze you’ve ever had in an airport.

Yes, the lounge has regular beds, with the standard number of pillows, a bedside table on one side, and a wall with a little pull-out table on the other (for when you don’t want to put your laptop on your actual lap). They also have a number of other cabins, each smaller than the last - until they stopped being called cabins, and instead adopt the more accurate, sci-fi moniker of ‘pods’.

Their Igloo Pods almost feel like you’re filing yourself into a cabinet, or perhaps resting cosily in a cocoon. Available in Terminal 3, the lounge includes Sleeping Pods, Flexi-suite Pods, Double, Bunk and Family Cabins, Business Pods, and Lounge Lite Seats. The facility also offers free unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and showers for USD 20 for in-house guests and USD 25 for walk-ins.

All of the pods, lounges and suites are equipped with comfortable, adjustable seating and power outlets for travellers to charge their devices. While the main focus is on sleeping facilities, the Business Pods and Lounge Lite seats are fit for travellers looking to get some work done.

Their nap pods close from the inside, are equipped with noise cancelling headphones that play relaxing music, and a vibrating mattress that syncs to the music. The pods cost USD 30 per hour in the day, and USD 35 per hour at night. Their suites and bunks are fit for a few people, with single beds and space for a toddler and a small child in the suite. Blankets are available at an extra charge. Family cabins can go up to USD 123 for 2 hours, and  Bunk and Double cabins start at USD 78 per 2 hours.

Their flexi-suite is similar to a first-class airline chair, where the passenger can sit up in a relaxed position, or fully recline and sleep. The flexi-suite pod costs USD 26 per hour during the day, and USD 35 per hour during the night. To stay the night, the lounge starts USD 600 per night, with rates going up or down depending on availability.

To book your slot in the new Sleep n’Fly lounge, visit their website:


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