Doha Babes, We Have a Very ‘Special Café’ For You

Overflowing with pink interiors, Doha’s Special Ladies Cafe merges extravagant decor with an undeniably intimate setting.

By Farida El Shafie


If you wipe the dust and grime from your frontal lobe, you'll probably recall a time when Twitter feeds were laced with satirical comments imagining a world where women dominated. A world dripping in lip gloss and high tea and vulnerable coffeeshop chats and equally lacking in flustered small talk - we'll give him that because he was charming - and the occasional 'I own a Fintech' talk when you're well aware of the white lie at hand. Feeding into that fantasy is Doha’s very own ‘Special Ladies Cafe’.

As its name suggests, the cafe serves as a sanctuary for women to brunch, lunch, and talk about their woes, away from the male gaze. Located at the Qanat Quartier in Pearl-Qatar, one of the largest developments in Qatar, the Special Ladies Cafe calls upon our inner recluse - in all her femme fatale glory - to completely disnegage for an evening or two.

Tapping into the upscaled food scene of London’s most affluent boroughs, the quaint café’s menu brims with international delicacies. For the picky breakfast snobs whose order is always standard and must consist of an adequate sprinkling of spice, Doha’s exclusive dining spot might just be for you. Equally, if you’re the type to get overwhelmed when choices seem to stray well beyond the menu margins, then their hand-picked selection of desserts might just be what you need to wind down on a weekend.

Overflowing with pink interiors, Special Ladies Cafe merges extravagant decor with an undeniably intimate setting, mostly composed of cosy couches encased in velvet, and plump throw pillows. With grandiose ceilings and overly embellished lighting, the café urges visitors to embark on a monarchical-esque journey.


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