Everything You Need to Know About the Viral 'Icon of the Seas'

Standing 20 decks tall, this floating metropolis is a destination unto itself.

By Ziyad El-Helbawy


When the Icon of the Seas sets sail in January 2024, it will redefine the very notion of cruise vacations - and while we tend to shy away from hyperbole, these pictures make it hard to think otherwise. This colourful sea-faring behemoth of thrills and amenities promises an adventure unlike any other, boasting awe-worthy scale and innovation to match.

Measuring nearly 1,200 feet and hosting up to 8,000 passengers and workers, the Icon of the Seas breaks the record that was also previously held by the cruise company, with their Wonder of The Seas.

The Icon of the Seas offers an unparalleled aquatic experience with seven expansive pools, headlined by the Royal Bay - the largest swimming pool ever built on a cruise ship. Complete with a fully-fledged waterpark catering to non-stop thrills (adrenaline junkies, this one’s for you), the Icon tests the bravery of its passengers atop its record-breaking waterslides that aim to define just what’s possible at sea - and it seems like there’s not much that isn’t.

A highlight of the Icon of the Seas is its state-of-the-art indoor amenities that redefine luxury at sea. Towering 55 feet tall, an impressive man-made waterfall cascades down through the multi-deck park - an open-air oasis of lush greenery at the heart of the ship. With living plant walls lining the vertical atrium, the Icon breaks the boundary between the indoor and the outdoor.  And when it comes to dining and nightlife, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Over 40 restaurants and bars spread across the 20 decks cater to every craving and mood, leaving no culinary stone left unturned. After dark - assuming the waterslides didn’t take you out - 15 bars and a plethora of entertainment venues take the party to a whole new level. And for all you chill vacationers, fret not. If all-nighters and party-hopping aren’t your thing, you’ll be pleased to hear that the cruise has set aside a special area to just, simply, relax.

The ship features 28 stateroom categories to choose from, from standard rooms to expansive - and expensive - suites that can accommodate up to eight guests, and the ship includes distinct neighbourhoods catering to all sorts of guests, including some specifically designed for families.

Uhm…did anyone see our floaties?


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