This Instagram Account Predicts the Future of Arabia With AI Magic

What would the Arab world look like if Midjourney put pen to paper? Or cement to brick walls?

By Farida El Shafie


Sometimes the tech boys know what they’re doing. The stealthier AI becomes at out performing our feeble human minds, the more picturesque renders and hypotheticals of the world we thought we knew come to being. Whilst authors continually pump out proverbial sentences in hopes they’ll elicit visceral responses from readers, algorithms were turning sporadic prompts into full fledged universes.

Utopic Arabia - a platform founded by Victor Nouman and Eugenio Fernandez, who are the owners and digital artists behind Dunes Studio - captures the vibrant visual melodies that echo through the MENA region. They’re architects who simultaneously navigate their way around Dubai’s urban infrastructures whilst also manoeuvring through an alternate utopian universe.

As the founders gathered to sip on their very real cups of coffee in Jumeirah, they realised that there was so much potential in possibility. A simple outing beneath the UAE’s scorching sun prompted vivid discussions regarding what could be, had our desserts connoted more than monochromatic landscapes.

Always rooted in the rural, the designs experiment with the concept of inflatable architecture. Much like AI generated fashion assumed the role of balloon pump and enlarged Nike puffers, Nouman and Fernandez’ take on architecture enlarges buildings and sculptures as a means to integrate them within the greater landscapes. The delicate use of pastels in the hyper-realistic renders subversively grounds them in reality, making the superfluousness of the images feel normal.


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