Take A Bali-Bound Break with Egyptian Family Wellness Center Osana

Yoga, cooking, hiking, meditation – this trip will leave you wanting for very little.

By Layan Adham Ismail


In the trying (and financially distressing, painstakingly patriarchal, generally soul-crushing, etc.) times we currently reside in, the very notion of relaxation has transformed into this unattainable ideal, far removed from our conceivable reality. Where are we meant to find this “peaceful rejuvenation” or “holistic healing”, pray tell? At our demanding and simultaneously low-paying jobs? Or while we’re stuck in a traffic jam that refuses to un-jam?

Nope, we’re meant to find it in breathtaking and blissful Bali.

Hearing our well-being prayers over the last months and actually answering the call, Cairo-based family wellness centre Osana has finally launched its sub-brand of global retreats, marking its travel debut with a holistic healing trip to the picturesque Indonesian island.

“When we think of a typical retreat, we usually conjure up the image of a short and sweet weekend spent in isolation,” Angie Awny, Osana Events and Operations Director, tells SceneTraveller. “Immersion rarely has anything to do with it.”

Aiming to bring together like-minded individuals in search of serenity, self-development and communal seclusion, Osana’s retreat encourages the initiation of novel friendships and the strengthening of old ones. Whether through group workshops, yoga classes or even hiking sessions, the focus is on connection – to oneself, to each other and to the island itself.

“Since the Osana motto is ‘mind, body, play’, we wanted to take a more spirited approach with this retreat,” Neena Hwaidak, Founder of Osana, shares with SceneTraveller. “A little bit of friendship, a little bit of culture, and a lot of wellness.”

Aside from hopping between three cities – Seminyak, Ubud and Canggu – Osana’s retreat also includes touring historically significant and visually breathtaking temples, rocking back and forth on the I’m-not-scared-YOU’RE-scared Bali Swing and getting sprayed by a refreshing cascading waterfall. Yet, it’s the ecstatic dance sessions, health and happiness group coaching and authentic Balinese cooking classes that truly make this retreat stand out from the crowd.

Taking this wellness journey even further, Osana is bringing in an expert to help with crafting the trip's programme – Tamer El Sharaky.

“We’ve been dying to do mini retreats to exceptional places in the world.” Hwaidak recounts. “So, when the opportunity to organise a retreat with someone as well-rounded as Tamer came along, we jumped on it!”

An experienced wellness professional trained in diet, lifestyle and wellness coaching, El Sharaky – AKA ‘The Happiness Coach’ – has curated a special programme for this intimate retreat, touching on several facets of wellness, such as yoga, sound healing, massage therapy, nutrition, meditation and breathwork.

All in all, Osana’s inaugural mini-retreat to Bali might be considered “mini” due to its limited number of spots but no one can accuse it of being “mini” when it comes to the breadth of the programme and the ambitiousness of the plan as a whole. There’s a lot to do, a lot to see and even more to learn in Bali with Osana. Whether from Tamer, your companions, or the locals, you definitely won’t run out of things to do.


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