Run Away to Thailand for a Reviving Eid at RAKxa Integrative Wellness

Nestled on an island and enveloped by a verdant tropical jungle, RAKxa is offering wellness and scenic vistas this Eid season.

By Scene Traveller


Following a full month of fasting and indulgent Iftar and Suhoor feasting, comes a shared need to recultivate regular eating and lifestyle habits. In short, it's finally time to "reset the clock," so to speak. With that in mind, and with a hopefully all-around lengthy Eid vacation just around the corner, it's difficult to imagine a more ideal location to usher in the post-Ramadan spring than on a verdant secluded island, teeming with fresh flowers, flourishing foliage, and fascinating fauna.

This Eid, the lavish RAKxa Integrative Wellness in Thailand’s Bangkok is setting out to turn our seasonal nature-centric rejuvenation fantasies into an attainable reality, promising to restore our bodies to pre-Ramadan factory settings against the breathtaking backdrop of Thailand’s picturesque landscapes.

An integrated wellness destination on the verdant protected island of Bang Krachao, dubbed the “lung of Bangkok”, RAKxa is enveloped by a lush tropical jungle with the Chao Phraya River snaking its way around the towering trees and vibrant verdure. These breathtaking surroundings, coupled with luxuriously appointed villas, personalised nutritious Thai dishes and ancient healing practices with a contemporary flare, make RAKxa a no-brainer choice for a rejuvenating and restorative Eid vacation.

Their initial all-encompassing programme, RAKxa Rebalance, was created to realign both physical and mental stability, enhance coordination between the brain and body, and optimise the flow of vital energy. Besides incorporating mindfulness exercises, Tai Chi treatments, energy healing sessions, Ayurvedic massages, and traditional Thai herbal rituals, the programme provides oxygen therapy and antioxidant-rich infusions aimed at revitalising the body on a cellular level.

The second programme among their Eid offerings, Gut Health, is designed to restore and improve gut function by optimising digestion, nutrient absorption, and waste elimination. By combining traditional therapeutic heat, herbal preparations, acupuncture, and abdominal massages with scientifically proven procedures, such as clinical colon hydrotherapy, the programme aims to foster a happier, healthier, and more resilient body and mind.

So, whether you're looking for a general hardware update, a stomach-specific tune-up or just a swift and secluded getaway, a quick trip to the jungles of Thailand – and to the island-based RAKxa, no less – seems like the perfect way to spend the long-awaited Eid break.


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