Monday July 22nd, 2024
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All the New Cities You Can Visit With Emirates in 2024

With these new flight paths, Dubai-based travellers can stop in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro before continuing on to Argentina’s Buenos Aires.

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If you’re currently residing in the UAE, you’re definitely in for a public holiday treat of the sweetest kind—a governmentally-sanctioned impressive line-up of annual vacations that practically beckons travellers to book not just one, but two or three flights this year.

Catching wind of this upcoming country-wide free-time and hearing your pleas for more interconnected and convenient flight paths, Emirates has decided to expand its network of direct (the operative word, here) flights, adding brand-new destinations, as well as increasing the number of flights to specific cities around the globe.

This new development will take effect starting March 31st, providing Eid travellers with a wide-selection of popular cities to jet off to.

1. Vienna, Austria

From February 21st to March 30th, A380 aircraft will be deployed as EK127 and EK128 between Dubai and Vienna, replacing the current Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on this route. 

Emirates’ EK127 will depart Dubai at 08:55 AM, arriving in Vienna at 12:25 PM. The return flight, EK128, will leave Vienna at 3:10 PM, reaching Dubai at 11:40 PM.

Additionally, Emirates will exclusively operate the two-deck A380 in Vienna Airport during this period. The usual evening flights, EK126 and EK125, will continue to be operated with a B777-300ER as per usual.

2. Seoul, South Korea

Starting February 19th, new flights under designations EK324 and EK325 will be operational on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These flights, facilitated by a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, will see Emirates' EK324 departing Dubai at 4:45 AM, reaching Seoul Incheon International Airport at 6:05 PM. The return flight, EK325, is scheduled to take off from Seoul at 10 PM, arriving in Dubai at 3:15 AM the following day. Presently, the route is served daily with an Airbus A380. 

With the introduction of these additional services, Emirates will elevate its frequency to 10 weekly flights for the Dubai-Seoul route.

3. Melbourne, Australia

Emirates is set to introduce an extra Premium Economy service connecting Melbourne and Dubai starting February 1st. This new route will be identified by the codes EK408 and EK409. With this addition, Emirates will provide nearly 800 Premium Economy seats, double its current amount, on its weekly flights between the two cities. 

As of now, Emirates operates a total of 63 flights to and from various destinations in Australia.

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina

Emirates is expanding its flight offerings to Brazil and Argentina by adding five weekly flights, scheduled to commence on Saturday, December 7th. These additional flights, identified as EK247 and EK248, will provide a linked service that enables travellers to continue their journey from Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro to the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires. Tickets for these flights are already available for booking. These new flights will feature 302 seats in both Economy Class and Business Class. 

The enhanced air connectivity is expected to contribute to increased trade between Argentina, Brazil, and the global market. Notably, each Boeing 777 wide-body aircraft deployed for these flights boasts a cargo capacity of approximately 20 tonnes per journey, further facilitating trade opportunities.

5. Brisbane, Australia

Starting October 1st, Emirates will be operating its A380 flight EK430 to Brisbane with a revised schedule. The flight will depart Dubai at 2:30 AM and will arrive in Brisbane at 10:20 PM. The return flight, EK431, will depart Brisbane at 1:55 AM and land in Dubai at 10:05 AM. It's worth noting that this route is currently served by a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

6. Perth, Australia

Perth has emerged as a favoured destination for travellers flying from Dubai, prompting Emirates to make enhancements to its service. From December 1st, the airline will introduce a second daily flight between the two cities. Operated by a Boeing 777-300ER, Emirates' new schedule will see flight EK424 departing Dubai at 9:15 AM and landing in Perth at 12:05 AM the following day. The return journey, EK425, will take off from Perth at 6:00 AM and touch down in Dubai at 1:10 PM.

7. Adelaide, Australia

Emirates is set to relaunch its services between Dubai and Adelaide starting October 28th. This daily journey, operated on the Boeing 777-200LR, will feature 302 seats per flight. The flight, identified as EK440, will depart from Dubai at 2:00 AM, reaching Adelaide at 8:50 PM. The return journey, EK441, will take off from Adelaide at 10:35 PM, landing in Dubai at 5:15 AM.

With this addition, Emirates will further expand its services in Australia, and by December 1st, when the airline reinstates its second daily service to Perth, it will offer a total of 77 weekly flights from Australia. The Adelaide route will contribute 14 tonnes of cargo space per flight, totaling 196 tonnes weekly, supporting both passenger and cargo needs.


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