EU Announces Five-Year Visa for Saudi, Omani and Bahraini Nationals

The landmark decision ensures that visa holders enjoy travel privileges equivalent to those of nationals travelling visa-free.

By Scene Traveller


In a significant development, the European Union announced the relaxation of visa rules for citizens of Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain, allowing nationals to be eligible for multiple-entry visas.

Revealed at the first high-level EU-GCC Forum on Regional Security and Cooperation in Luxembourg, this landmark decision allows Saudi, Omani and Bahraini citizens to visit the EU multiple times over a five-year period with a single visa. Holders of this visa, including first-time travellers, will also enjoy travel rights equivalent to visa-free nationals during its validity period.

Marking a significant step forward in strengthening bilateral relations between the EU and the GCC, the implementation of the five-year visa rule aligns with the EU’s Joint Communication on a “Strategic Partnership with the Gulf,” covering EU relations with the Kingdom, Oman, and Bahrain.


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