Monday July 22nd, 2024
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First Ever Luxury Postnatal Retreats Now Available in UAE

An experience for those looking to transform the challenging postnatal period into a cherished memory.

Patrick Davies

The United Arab Emirates is now home to new luxury postnatal retreats, helping new mothers to rest and recuperate after giving birth, whilst their newborn receives the best care possible.

Blissful Beginnings, a company offering bespoke postnatal retreats, is offering packages at the Park Hyatt starting at Dh3,500 a night. Stays at the Mandarin Oriental meanwhile begin from Dh6,000, during which mothers will be attended to by a team of four throughout the day and night.

The trend is already very popular across Asia, particularly in China and South Korea, with stays sometimes lasting months. In South Korea, mums and babies rest for the first 100 days, celebrating with friends and family on the 100th day.

In a country where an estimated 85% of the population are expats, these retreats also account for the many mothers who must give birth away from their home country and, often, also away from family. Isolation and a lack of a strong support system can make the postpartum experience extremely challenging, so these new luxury postnatal offerings provide a service that can turn that period from a physical and emotional challenge into a memory to cherish.


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