Robot Butlers Will Run the Sci-Fi YOTEL Hotel in Saudi Arabia's NEOM

Nothing says cyberpunk like robot butlers running one of the most luxurious hotels in the world in Saudi Arabia’s NEOM.

By Fadila Khalid


The Middle East’s first YOTEL hotel is landing in Saudi Arabia’s megaproject, NEOM.

In 2025, YOTEL will open its doors in NEOM’s, OXAGON, a cutting-edge and environmentally friendly city of innovation. OXAGON takes a state-of-the-art approach to business development, creating factories, creative hubs, hotels, fitness facilities, restaurants, and even galleries where business travellers can commune.

The YOTEL brand, which originally produced sleepers for airport lounges, has evolved into a hyper-futuristic and luxurious hotel chain, towering over the world’s biggest capitals. It's fitting that the YOTEL will be OXAGON’s first opening, with its ecological and incredibly high-tech facility, boasting 300 rooms featuring motorised smart beds and fully integrated technologies, as well as YOTEL’s signature robot concierge, which fits in perfectly with the Tony Stark-built Avengers Compound fantasy the OXAGON has going on (without the super assassins, of course).

YOTEL guests will have access to Komyuniti, YOTEL’s multi-functional dining and co-working space, along with a 24-hour fitness centre, a Grab-and-Go cafe, and plenty of meeting rooms perfect for feeding into the self-importance of the world’s rich and affluent. Of course, the hotel facilities will be connected to its surroundings through green walkways, providing access to nearby communities through advanced, active, micro, and autonomous mobility solutions (but no Iron Legionnaires, unfortunately).


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