Monday July 22nd, 2024
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'Tale of Two Cities' Exhibition to be Held in Alexandria and Athens

‘Tale of Two Cities’, hosted by CulturVator and Art D’Égypte, will be showcased at the Acropolis Museum in Athens and at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria.

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‘Tale of Two Cities’, an upcoming exhibition hosted by CulturVator and Art D’Égypte, aims to celebrate the deep cultural and historical ties between Greece and Egypt through a decadent artistic display in both Alexandria and Athens.

With artworks showcased at the Acropolis Museum in Athens from June 25th to July 16th, and subsequently at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria from October 17th to 31st, ‘Tale of Two Cities’ will also feature a parallel exhibition at the Lemon Tree Restaurant in Athens, starting June 25th and continuing throughout the summer. Supported by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and Experience Egypt, ‘Tale of Two Cities' seeks to create a visual dialogue that explores the rich tapestry of shared heritage between Greece and Egypt.

This initiative not only delves into the depths of classical antiquity but also bridges the gap between ancient traditions and contemporary artistic expressions. The exhibition will feature an impressive lineup of artists, including Mahmoud Said, Papageorge, Costas Varotsos, Danae Stratou, Omar Touson, Said Badr, and Karim El Hayawan.

These artists will present works that reflect the historical convergence of Greek and Egyptian art, celebrating the deep-rooted bonds and distinct identities of both nations. Through their creations, the exhibition will dissect and learn from the artistic alchemy that has evolved over thousands of years, examining the role of aesthetics and symbolism in shaping artistic directions. “This exhibition is not merely a showcase of artistic brilliance but a profound cultural exchange designed to be a transformative experience and to foster a renewed appreciation for the enduring cultural ties between these two nations,” Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, founder of CulturVator and Art D’Égypte, shares with SceneTraveller.

“I was born and raised in Alexandria and have always been fascinated by Alexander the Great’s vision to create a cultural city. As an Alexandrian, I feel it is my responsibility to carry out this mission and extend it into our contemporary world.” ‘Tale of Two Cities’ events will take place across museums, libraries, and galleries in both cities, each contributing to the tale of this cultural exchange.

Notably, the exhibition is supported by esteemed institutions such as the Cavafy Archives, the Onassis Foundation and Library, the Benaki Museum, and the Acropolis Museum.


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