A Look Inside Marrakech’s Maison Brumell Majorelle

Step into any of Maison Brummell's eight chambers, and let your senses succumb to the embrace of terracotta warmth, the rich palazzo tiles, and the gentle whisper of wind.

By Hassan Tarek


Nearly 50 years ago, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, artists of both fabric and vision, snatched the Jardin Majorelle, a botanical plot in the Marrakech’s old Medina, from the cruel clasp of destruction. Today, standing right next to these famed gardens, Maison Brummell Majorelle rises, an eight-room retreat bathed in the lustre of a bygone era. It is a place where history and luxury interweave, inviting travellers to savour the exquisite dance of past and present beneath the benevolent gaze of the sky.

In the hands of the visionary architects Bergendy Cooke and Amine Abouraoui, communal spaces shed their traditional hotel garb and blossom into cosy nooks, beckoning with the familiar comfort of home. Meticulously sculpted to nurture both lively gatherings and introspective moments, each one rings with an aura of serene delight. A spa, reminiscent of Morocco's treasured hammams, unfolds as a sanctuary of bliss, soliciting a surrender to calm rejuvenation. In these rooms, one finds not just a hotel, but a refuge for the soul to bloom.

Within the comfort of the Maison, refined chambers surrender to the murmurs of the Medina. Walls, kissed by the sun and swathed in the age-old artistry of tadelakt, reveal themselves in a symphony of lime-washed grace. Ancient mashrabiya screens, reborn as elegant alcoves, hold secrets of light and shadow, while balconies reach out, adorned with flipped arches of the Moorish tradition. Here, every detail sings an ode to heritage, a luring in weary souls to drift into a dreamscape woven from history and artistry.

Step into any of Maison Brummell's eight chambers, and let your senses succumb to the embrace of terracotta warmth. Rich palazzo tiles beneath your feet beg for a slow ballet, while burnished brass accents glint like scattered sunbeams. This aesthetic, a symphony of earthy hues and metallic echoes, invites you to linger and bask in the beauty of every corner. For the discerning soul, the Garden Deluxe rooms unlock an expanse of serenity. Private terraces bloom with the scent of cacti, summoning intimate alfresco moments. Bathtubs, cradled under the caress of open skies, beckon indulgence in solitude's embrace.

As the desert sun dips below the Atlas Mountains, casting a warm glow upon the ochre walls of Marrakech, Maison Brummell Majorelle hums with a quiet magic. Within this sanctuary, time bends, offering glimpses of the past in the rustling breeze and a vibrant present in the laughter echoing from the poolside. Beneath the starlit canopy, one surrenders to the rhythm of a timeless city.


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