Dar El Jeld: A Tunisian Dream in the Heart of the North African Médina

A chance to embark on a luxurious journey through Tunisia’s past and present with a fusion of opulence, tradition, and unmatched elegance.

By Hassan Tarek


There exists a certain appeal to Tunisia - one that sets it apart from North Africa and, by extension, the world. For one thing, its landscape is a portrait. Cerulean doors mounted against whitewashed stone walls. Cobblestone streets that twist and turn, rise and fall to golden shores and turquoise waters. At sundown, the sky is a deep vermilion; at night, it is aglow with the light of a million stars.

Where nature paints with such vibrant strokes, it stands to reason that the places we stay in and visit should reflect the same artistry. One such place does exist, deep within the embrace of Tunis’s ancient Medina: Dar El Jeld.

Here, sunlight dances on the oasis of a secluded courtyard pool, palm trees swaying like gentle sentinels. Pale stone paths beckon bare feet around the shimmering water, inviting languid dips and sun-drenched siestas. From an ochre embrace adorned with emerald vines, the promise of serenity whispers in the air, as time slows to the rhythm of lapping waves and rustling leaves.

A selection of rooms each offer captivating stays. The ‘Luxurious Suites’, draped in sumptuous comfort, make for a cocooned retreat. The ‘Opulent Suite’ gives grand vistas and a symphony of silken textures, while the cozy ‘Junior Suite’ invites hushed intimacy. For those seeking a contemporary shelter, the ‘Deluxe Suite’ offers a dance of light and space, a serene canvas inviting tranquil reverie.

Part of the charm of staying at Dar El Jeld lies in the picturesque surroundings of its historic locale. Guests can engage in guided tours of the medina and its monuments, with vibrant souks arranged every Saturday and available upon request from the hotel. Excursions to the Bardo Museum and the nearby ceramics center of Sidi Kacem, each a brief car ride away, are among the tailored experiences offered by the hotel. Guests can then explore the magnificent remnants of ancient Carthage, an easy trip offered within reach of the hotel.

At Dar El Jeld, guests are spoiled for choice with two dining venues. The first, a beautifully restored traditional medina-style house located just in front of the hotel, aptly named Dar El Jeld, where patrons can relish in authentic Tunisian cuisine. The Rooftop, meanwhile, is a stylish restaurant and bar that offers a panoramic view of the city, the ideal accompaniment to an exquisite dining adventure or a leisurely evening with cocktails under the stars.


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