Embrace a Vibrant Beach Lifestyle at Kai Sokhna

This year-round coastal destination by Misr Italia Properties sits in harmony with its natural surroundings.

By Scene Traveller


How often do you spend a couple of days by the beach only to wish you could hold on to that lifestyle for a while longer - or maybe, forever? Inspired by the vibrancy of the dream beach life, Misr Italia Properties is catering to that sense of seaside longing with Kai Sokhna, an alluring getaway on the Red Sea.

Kai isn’t a state of mind, it’s a state of serenity. Embracing the vibrance of life on the coast, it presents itself as a year-round weekend getaway that’s fully liveable. Developed on a stretch of golden sandy beach, Kai acts as an Eden for sunbathers, kitesurfers, yoga enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to simply float like a feather on the Red Sea. Striking a balance between comfort and luxury, Kai caters to a myriad of lifestyles, from its strong sense of hospitality to its coastal fine dining and shopping experiences.

Offering tranquillity in every corner, Kai Sokhna was designed in harmony with its natural surroundings. Over 33 feddans and shimmering pools provide a refreshing air to every walkable path as lush landscapes and manicured gardens. Set against a dazzling backdrop of glittering water, Kai Sokhna was planned with its residents’ convenience in mind, lying a brief 10 kilometres away from New Galala’s second exit, which makes the drive there that much lighter and easier.

Ultimately, the magic of Kai Sokhna comes from the stillness, the sea and the stars. Luxurious and buzzing with the colours of nature, Kai Sokhna manages to sooth our collective need to embrace life by the sea.


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