Finding Serenity in Les Jardins de Villa Maroc

Trade bustling souks for sun-drenched solace in Les Jardins' ecodomes, where lanterns paint your escape in vibrant hues.

By Hassan Tarek


Forget the bustling medinas and tourist-swarmed beaches. In the heart of Morocco's thuya forest, just a whisper away from the coastal charms of Essaouira, lies Les Jardins de Villa Maroc – a sanctuary where time slows to the rhythm of rustling leaves and the scent of sun-kissed earth. Imagine fifteen minutes by car, yet worlds away, where olive and argan trees paint the landscape in shades of emerald and gold, and silence is punctuated only by the chirping of birds and the rustle of wind through ancient branches.

Here, nature isn't just scenery; it's the architect, the artist, the very soul of Les Jardins. Eleven adobe ‘ecodomes’, built with love and local materials, rise from the earth like gentle giants, each one a haven of serenity. Sunlight filters through their earthy curves, casting mesmerizing patterns on walls made from the clay of Essaouira. Inside, simplicity reigns – a plush bed beckons sleep, a cozy sitting area invites quiet contemplations, and an adjoining dressing room ensures an uncluttered sanctuary. Choose your haven: a double, perfect for solo sojourns or intimate escapes, a superior adorned with its own living room and space for another dreamer, or connect with loved ones in one of the pairs of adjoining ecodomes, sharing private moments while maintaining individual peace.

But Les Jardins offers more than just a roof of earth and sky. Stepping into the traditional Moroccan embrace of the Mainhouse, built in the early 2000s, is like stepping back in time. Three serene bedrooms, available individually or for exclusive use, surround a sun-drenched courtyard, inviting quiet mornings with Moroccan mint tea and afternoons lounging in the shade of vibrant bougainvillea. A library tells tales of ancient lands, while several living areas offer moments of shared laughter and connection. Let the sun warm your skin at the private pool, a short walk from the heart of the house, a refreshing oasis within your own private paradise.

No escape is complete without indulging in the pleasures of the table. At Les Jardins, the restaurant is a vibrant tapestry of colour and flavour. Under the shade of palm trees, or perhaps beneath the starlit canvas of the night sky, savour the quiet symphony of a casual Mediterranean lunch. Fresh salads bursting with flavour, grilled meat or fish cooked to perfection, and decadent desserts that linger on the tongue – each bite a celebration of local bounty and culinary artistry. As the sun dips below the horizon, raise a glass of sunset-hued cocktail and let the lantern-lit atmosphere weave its magic, transforming a simple meal into a memory etched in your heart.

Les Jardins de Villa Maroc is an invitation to reconnect with yourself, with nature, and with the simple joys of being alive. Breathe in the scent of thuya, listen to the rustles of the wind, and discover the serenity that lies within a world crafted from earth, sunlight, and the quiet embrace of the Moroccan forest.


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