Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Saudi Hospitality And L’Occitane-Endorsed Healing At Mansard Riyadh

The Parisian-style haute hotel houses villas that pay homage to the grand squares of La Ville Lumière through names such as Vendôme and Opéra.

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As our increasingly modern world accelerates forward, letting the lazy leisure of the past fade in the rearview mirror, whizzing through the unabashed creativity of the present then zooming straight into the AI-driven future, the hopeless romantics among us – those tethered to the classic comforts found in historic simplicity – are now yearning for a heartwarming voyage laced with sweet, sweet nostalgia.

Ever the city to embody the words ‘something for everyone’, Saudi Arabia’s crowning capital jewel, Riyadh, has decided to unfurl the rouge carpet, beckoning to those old-souled poets and wanderers to find some wistful warmth within the enveloping embrace of Mansard Riyadh.

A Saudi hospitality star with aesthetics befitting a sophisticated socialite raised in the upper echelons of Parisian high society, Mansard Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Hotel, consorts enthralling European edifice designs with regal Saudi hospitality, encasing two differing cultures in marble and glass, while tipping the hospitality hat to modernity by curating every corner with compelling contemporary décor by the Kingdom’s own artist, Mishal Saad Alzaid.

With an address in Ar Rabi, one of the most serene neighbourhoods in the capital city and a mere 20 minutes away from the bustling centre, Mansard Riyadh houses 191 rooms, suites, serviced apartments and duplex villas – which pay homage to the grand squares of La Ville Lumière through names such as Vendôme, Concorde, and Opéra – within its marble walls.

In true French fashion, the haute hotel places equal measures of importance on both the epicurean and the therapeutic. Besides gourmet dining establishments bearing the apt appellations of L’ami Dave and Sadelle’s, Mansard Riyadh is home to the first exclusive spa by L’Occitane, where your thoughtful musings can slowly quiet, allowing you to fully surrender yourself to the hotel’s more than capable hands.

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