Six Wondrous Somabay Stays to Kick Off 2024

With sun-drenched shores and soul-satiating spas in tow, a vacation in Somabay could be just what you need this year.

By Scene Traveller


Located on the coastal banks of the Red Sea, Somabay, with its clear turquoise waters and Bahamas-esque white sand beaches is fast becoming an ‘it’ destination.

From the moment you step foot on this mesmerising peninsula, you will be transported to a realm of beauty, where azure waters merge seamlessly with sundrenched beaches.For the discerning traveller seeking a serene escape, Somabay is home to a smorgasbord of exclusive luxury stays that cater to every whim, no matter how flimsy.

With that said and knuckles cracked, keep scrolling through to find your ideal Somabay stay…

The Cascades Golf Resort, Spa & Thalasso 

Perched high atop the Somabay peninsula, The Cascades Golf Resort boasts an 18-hole championship golf course with stunning views of the Red Sea to go with the verdant greenscapes of the expansive course. So yes, to those amongst us seeking to live their best Richard Gilmore life, this is the place to be.

Golf aside, the resort’s 159 luxury accommodations with their own private terraces make The Cascades a true luxe sanctuary. However that’s not all…Did you know The Cascades houses one of the largest and best-equipped Thalasso-therapy spas in the world? Well, now you do.

With 65 treatment rooms stretching across 7,500 metres, you can while away the hours at the spa’s tonic pool, float atop the saltwater pool, or simply let your physical vessel go at the thalasso-tonic hydrotherapy pool containing 830 metres of seawater surrounded by water jets, currents and counter-currents, showers and bubble baths.

Kempinski Somabay Hotel 

One of the most gorgeous stays across the Red Sea, the Kempinski Somabay Hotel is as massive as it is pleasing to the eye. With 325 rooms and suites and over six dining venues and bars, maybe you’ll find the future love of your life lounging right next to you on the beach (or the buffet…)

Sheraton Somabay Resort & Soma Splash

A trip to Luxor sounds too daunting? Well, at the Sheraton Somabay Resort you won’t miss out on the iconic Karnak Temple. Inspired by the Luxor landmark, this 5-star resort sits directly on 800 metres of unhindered beachfront vistas. The Sheraton boasts 326 rooms and suites in a family-friendly stay that ensures filial bonding all day every day with its signature ‘wild water sports’ experience at the Sheraton’s Soma Splash water park.

Friendly tip: ask about the ‘Soma Bucket’. You’re welcome.

The Breakers Diving & Surfing Lodge

If perhaps you’re one with a penchant for exploring underwater terrains, The Breakers Diving & Surfing Lodge sits right next to Somabay’s magnificent reefs. A self-proclaimed ‘second home’ to divers and grown-up backpackers, Breakers is all about seaside adventures.

A day of Ariel-the-mermaid-esque adventures done, you can unwind at the (pretty much in name only) lodge’s 173 rooms, offering stunning views of the house reef, jetty and open sea.  Oh and there’s a roof-top sauna and an open-air cinema, so you can confidently remove the word ‘bored’ from your thesaurus for the duration of the stay.

7BFT. Kite House at The Breakers Diving & Surfing Lodge

Whether a practised kitesurfing veteran or a new hobby was on your new year’s resolutions list, you can kitesurf the day away at 7 Beaufort Kitehouse right next to the Breakers Diving & Surfing Lodge with a 2km long sandy beach at your disposal, and an entire kitesurfing island aptly called ‘Utopia’.

Robinson Club Somabay

A haven for families and couples, this one’s for the social spirits amongst us. With a variety of entertainment, sports, and wellness programmes, the Robinson Club Somabay is equal parts fun and relaxing. Dreaming of a quiet escape? An action-filled itinerary? Robinson Club is an expert craftsman of tailor-made holidays.

Stayr – Bay Life Home Rentals 

A collection of earth-toned private havens, Stayr’s home rentals offer myriad handpicked villas, chalets and apartments blessed with breathtaking views of the bay and reef area. With an added benefit of exclusive discounts to Somabay’s top spots, gym access, and beach access, you won’t have to worry about a single thing.


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