12 Dazzling Winterscapes for a Well-Spent New Year's

Enough to entice your inner-recluse, we’ve found Egyptian travel companies offering gorgeous trips abroad in time for 2023.

By Farida El Shafie


As everyone flocks to Egypt’s shores and gears up for nights spent party-hopping and concert dodging, trips taking you abroad and around the country’s hidden gems await with bated breath. Jokes aside, this New Year’s beckons soul-fortifying escapades that stray away from commercial connotations (overtrodden with highstreet shopping), and re-acquaint you with more grounded adventures that let you challenge your own limitations, while still being relaxing and indulgent in essence. We’ve put together this roundup of trips that will facilitate memorable moments for you, your loved ones and the friends-turned-family members trodding along…


9 Days/8 Nights 

December 25th - January 2nd

Price: EGP 36,900

Organisers: Travista

Punctuated by beautiful coastal areas, lush rice fields and looming volcanoes, Bali is known as ‘The Island of a Thousand Temples’ or ‘The Island of the Gods’ due to its cultural treasure trove of Hindu temples. Local travel company Travista’s next New Year’s destination just so happens to be the perfect site to get a few extra hours of surfing into what’s left of 2022.


8 days/7 Nights

December 30th - January 6th

Price: EGP 17,900

Organisers: Travista 

Awaken your European visas from their deadened slumber (or renew them for a chance to romantic escapade beneath Barcelona’s setting sun) this December 30th. Whilst this trip is solely for Visa holders, the options to peruse Las Ramblas’s luxurious walkways outweigh the queue one must entrail before getting that stamp of approval.  


6 Days/5 Nights

December 27th - January 1st 

Price: EGP 18,900 

Organisers: Travista 

Indulge in authentic Turkish delights - the rose flavoured kinds included - and escape this winter’s in-born hassles for a chance to shop beyond the mainstream stores and dive into the cultural haven that is Istanbul. 


9 Days/8 Nights 

December 26th - January 3rd 

Price: USD 990/ EGP 24,400

Organisers: Gazef 

An ode to adrenaline junkies, Gazef’s trip to Nepal brings all the hiking daydreams we’ve penned to tacky journals to life. A historically-rich country, Nepal is home to a flurry of temples and cultural treasures bound to enlighten your endeavours and leave you with enough soul-food to last until next December. 

Cape Town, Western Cape

10 Days/9 Nights 

December 23rd - January 1st 

Price: USD 1,290/ EGP 31,800

Organisers: Gazef 

Between the verdant peninsula and the majesty of Table Mountain, few port cities have been able to match wits with the beautiful landscapes Cape Town is able to offer. With coastal views capable of healing past trauma inflicted by the menacing hands of underwhelming staycations, this trip to this South African city offers much needed winterscape-ism. 

Kenya - The Land of Wildlife

7 Days/6 Nights 

December 26th - January 1st 

Price: USD 1090/ EGP 26,900

Organisers: Gazef 

Kenya, the land of wildlife and the perfect vacation spot for those looking to disconnect from their work-email ridden phones. Home to 40 different cultures, Kenyan safaris enable you to reconnect with the lost reclusive you’ve buried beneath decades of city life. If you’re the type to wear Birkenstocks far after their expiration date then Gazef’s Kenya trip might just be for you. 

Mount Toubkal, Morocco

6 Days/5 Nights 

December 27th - January 1st 

Price: USD 900/ EGP 22,200 

Organisers: Wild Guanabana 

Whilst the world’s gaze is still padlocked to their incredible performance during this year’s World Cup, at times we forget that those who enter Morocco found themselves compelled with the ravenous need to move there indefinitely. That being said, their lush mountainside - including WIld Guanabana’s upcoming trip to Mount Toubkal - is a sight for sore eyes and an instigator of convalescence periods around the globe. 

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 

9 Days/8 Nights 

December 26th - January 3rd 

Price: USD 3250/ EGP 80,200

Organisers: Wild Guanabana 

This journey atop Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro is perfect for first time trekkers and experienced climbers alike. The route to the summit consists of well trodden trails on low angle slopes - a challenge to most but one that will surely tackle the never-ending cluster that is your bucket list. 

Awakened in Annapurna With Omar Samra 

12 Days/11 Nights 

December 23rd - January 3rd 

Price: USD 2300/ EGP 56,700

Organisers: Wild Guanabana 

This beautiful trek is a soul-healing short foray into the Annapurna region that grants you and your loved ones the opportunity to escape Nepal's tourist trails and venture into the deep forests and high alpine pastures of Machapuchare.

African Insight 

7 Days/6 Nights 

December 28th - January 3rd 

Price: USD 1145/ EGP 28,300

Organisers: Bookmundi 

Adventure for seven days through a guided safari tour of southern Africa going through Zambia, Zimbabwe, and ending in South Africa. You will experience first-hand some of the most famous attractions the region has to offer such as national parks, nature visits, and wildlife tours. 

Exotic New Year In The Philippines

9 Days/8 Nights 

December 24th - January 1st 

Price: USD 1300/ EGP 32,000

Organisers: ItTravelers 

Unwind with a trip to the Philippines, relaxing on sandy beaches and swimming in crystal clear lakes, lagoons, waterfalls, and natural springs. Hop from island to island sightseeing all the natural wonders the Philippines has to offer and kick off the New Year partying on an enchanting white sand beach. 

Djara Cave New Year Party

3 Days/2 Nights

December 30th - January 1st 

Price: EGP 4,000 

Organisers: Dune Raider 

Escape the chaos of Cairo and adventure to a mystical hidden gem with striking natural formations located in the Farafra depression. Dune ride through Egypt’s Black and White Desert, wander through Djara Cave, and enjoy two nights camping under an enchanting starry sky experiencing all the Milky Way has to offer with local travel company Dune Raider.


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