Explore Middle Eastern Wonders Aboard Windstar’s Luxury Cruises

Cruising through Greece, Egypt and Jordan, and into the old towns of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, these luxury voyages promise diverse and rich trips to plan for in the upcoming months.

By Karim Abdullatif


Basking on breathtaking beaches, exploring ancient wonders and lavishing in cosmopolitan splendour along the Red Sea, and around the Persian Gulf - if you’re just doing any one of these activities on their own, you’re already living the dream. But imagine if you can do them all at once? Windstar Cruises, the Florida-based tour operator, has announced three new cruises exploring the Middle East, from Oman and Saudi Arabia to Egypt and Jordan.

The recently renovated 156-suite ship, Star Legend, will go on these long voyages equipped with a spa, screening room, gym, infinity pool and several lounges, with rooms that allow you to drift off to sleep while watching nighttime stars, wrapped in luxurious Egyptian cotton linens that add an extra layer of comfort to the robe that you’re more than welcome to wrap yourself up in.

‘Wonders of Arabia’ is an 18-day journey from Athens to Dubai, where you will be able to spend a couple of days off boat in Egypt and Jordan, where you will be able to stop and explore the legendary stone city of Petra.

‘Arabian Nights & Egyptian Days’ makes its Red Sea focus clear as it sets off from Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah, where you can take a stroll along its corniche and visit Al Balad, a Hijazi-style UNESCO World Heritage Site. The journey will take you around the Red Sea towards Jordan; along the way you will be able to dip into the azure waters of Egypt’s resort towns of Ain Sokhna and Hurghada, with pauses at Luxor’s Valley of the King and the ancient city of Petra.

‘Sparkling Sand & Cities of the Persian Gulf’ will venture into cities such as Doha, Abu Dhabi and Manama for 10 days. The journey will take off from Oman’s port capital, Muscat, which is rich with heritage destinations such as Sultan Qaboos Mosque. It will pass by Khasab, the northernmost part of the country, before making way to Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE (which was a port for pearl trading), and into Abu Dhabi to the Louvre and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The 10-day journey will pass by the skyline of Manama, Bahrain, before making a stop at Al Ahsa, the world’s largest natural oasis in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, before glancing back at Doha’s spectacular skyscrapers and paying a visit to its extravagant malls.

‘Wonders of Arabia’ will set sail on November 5th 2023. Its price ranges from USD 6,800 for cruise-only, to USD 8,200 for an all-inclusive package with the Ocean View suite. For the Owner’s suite, it goes from USD 15,300 for cruise-only to USD 16,700 for the all-inclusive package.

The nine-day ‘Arabian Nights & Egyptian Days’ will embark on March 24, 2024 for USD 3,600 to USD 8,300 (Ocean View suite), and USD 4,300 to USD 9,000 (Owner’s suite).

‘Sparkling Sands & Cities of the Persian Gulf’ will take place on January 12th, 2024 with prices ranging from USD 3,600 to USD 8,300 (Ocean View suite), and from USD 4,400 to USD 9,000 (Owner’s suite).


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