Four Arab Destinations Are Now on UN's List of ‘Best Tourism Villages’

Two of the selected villages - Dahshur and Siwa - are in Egypt.

By Fadila Khalid


The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has announced the addition of villages in Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon to its prestigious list of Best Tourism Villages for 2023.

The accolade, unveiled during the UNWTO General Assembly in Uzbekistan, recognises destinations that excel in nurturing rural areas, preserving landscapes, promoting cultural diversity, and preserving local values and culinary traditions.

The selected villages are the ancient Nabataean city of Sela nestled in Jordan's mountains, the scorpion-shaped Douma in Lebanon's Batroun district, and the Egyptian villages of Dahshur, home to well-preserved pyramids, and the oasis of Siwa in the western desert.

The initiative, now in its third year, is part of the UNWTO's Tourism for Rural Development Programme, which aims to foster development, combat depopulation, encourage innovation, and promote sustainable practices in rural areas. Out of nearly 260 applications, 54 villages from various regions were selected for the list, while an additional 20 have been included in the Upgrade Programme to support their development further.

The Best Tourism Villages Network now comprises 74 villages, fostering knowledge sharing, exchanging best practices, and providing opportunities for its members.


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