Dubai’s Sweden Island: Life Amid the Azure Expanse

Catering to a wide array of tastes, Sweden Island has everything on offer, from a tropical jungle to a wondrous snow-room.

By Hassan Tarek


The adventure begins as the best ones often do—with a salty breeze whipping through your hair and the vast cerulean canvas of the Persian Gulf unfurling before you. Your vessel cuts through the turquoise waters, its wake a fleeting white scar against the endless blue. In the distance, a smudge emerges on the horizon, gradually resolving into the breathtaking spectacle of Sweden Island.

This man-made marvel, one of three hundred in Dubai's ambitious archipelago project, rises from the sea like a testament to human ingenuity. Each island, sculpted from millions of cubic metres of meticulously pumped sand and made to represent diverse countries across the globe, stands as a defiant masterpiece against the azure backdrop. But Sweden Island is more than just a colossal mound of sand – it's a living, breathing testament to architectural virtuosity, where luxury and innovation have been redefined.

As your boat draws closer, a subtle sweetness invades the air, the intoxicating perfume of coconuts drifting in the fresh wind. Emerald hues begin to paint the shoreline, a lush jungle slowly filling the canvas. Finally, you disembark, stepping onto the soft sand and following a winding path that snakes through the verdant paradise. With each step, anticipation builds, until you reach your haven – the house. One of six on Sweden Island, it has almost anything the mind can imagine.

Here is the foyer, a grand prelude to the main hall, at the end of which lies the breathtaking panorama of the lagoon’s sky-blue waters. Beneath your feet, the floors are a rich marble inlaid with exquisite patterns. In the dining area, herringbone hardwood floors are a warm counterpoint, ideal for after-dinner talks at a table fit for twelve, inviting feasts of laughter and lively conversation.

Yet, it's on the patio, where true magic unfolds. An infinity pool merges with the horizon, blurring the line between reality and dreams. Imagine swimming towards endless skies, the caress of the water erasing your every worry. As you lounge on plush chaises longues, intricate motifs woven into the glass railings add a touch of whimsical artistry to the mesmerising panorama.

Downstairs in the basement, there’s a full-fledged wellness centre fit for your every health need. Step into the sauna after an invigorating workout in the gym, or, if you’re still feeling sore, try the massage room for a soothing relief. For a touch of Nordic whimsy, there’s even a "snow room," where artificial snowflakes swirl around you, transporting you to a winter wonderland amidst the desert heat.

However, the real pièce de résistance awaits on the rooftop, home to a glass observatory, where the world unfolds at your feet. The shimmering lagoon, the majestic Dubai skyline, and the miniature continents  scattered across the turquoise canvas are yours to contemplate from elevated seating areas. A scale model of the World Islands sits proudly amidst the panorama, a constant reminder of the grand vision surrounding you.

As you stand on the rooftop, enveloped by the awe-inspiring panorama, the story of Sweden Island unravels, securing its position as a  modern testament of human ambition and innovation, interwoven with nature's tranquillity. Each facet resonates with a blend of opulence and sophistication, inviting you to savour the epitome of luxury living.


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