Journey Through True Emirati Culture at Al Fanar Restaurant

Recalling the old town of Abu Dhabi and its souks, Al Fanar’s cuisine reflects the city’s history as a regional trade centre.

By Scene Traveller


A rustic interior evocative of the 1960s transports you to the bygone era of small town Abu Dhabi in Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe, a restaurant at Yas Mall that immerses you in the pleasures of Emirati hospitality. Small portions of Arabic coffee invite you to sit down and take in the local culture and the aesthetics that have dominated the Arabian peninsula for a millenia, before you embark on a journey through Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines.

Traditional Arabian dishes share the menu with Indian and Persian-inspired fare, from saloona stew to minced baby sharks. Recalling old towns and their souks, the authentic Emirati cuisine in Al Fanar Restaurant reflects Abu Dhabi’s history as a trade centre that celebrates heritage and modernity in equal measure.


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