Dubai Helipark is Getting an Expansion for Private Helicopter Owners

Dubai Helipark, the largest helicopter centre of its kind, will soon be able to fit 12 helicopters, instead of the paltry eight helicopters that it is currently able to accommodate.

By Scene Traveller


Ever had one of those days when you're flying around in your private helicopter and you just can't find a place to park? Yeah, we feel you. And it looks like Dubai feels you too, because they're building a massive 42,800 sq m park that’s big enough for 12 helicopters.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub and Air Chateau International have announced the construction of the second phase of Dubai Helipark, the biggest helicopter centre of its kind. While it's currently only able to fit eight helicopters, the second phase will see the implementation of a landside helicopter hangar and an extension of the existing apron to accommodate four more parkings.

The expansion will also include a VIP lounge for anyone arriving at the VIP Terminal (three guesses what kind of Persons they're for), and a showroom where you will be able to browse and purchase the most state-of-the-art helicopters around - you know, just in case the one you have went out of style on your flight back from the Maldives.


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